Our History

Since establishment in 1965, as a sole proprietorship and its transformation into a limited liability company in 1990, Oasis Trading and Contracting (OTCC) has been striving and will continue to raise the level of its business and classification as a pioneer company that has a specialized technical team, capable of implementing all infrastructure projects in the areas of water transport and treatment as well as in The field of construction and various architectural projects in addition to road works and landscaping.

Our Vision

We work tirelessly to be a leading company locally and regionally in the field of engineering and construction works for infrastructure, operation, maintenance and project management, and we strive through to achieve exceptional results for our customers, build satisfactory professions of our employees and achieve a profit for what we provide of added value to the communities that we serve.

Our Services

Our services include infrastructure projects in the fields of water transfer and treatment, operation and maintenance in addition to building, construction, road works and landscaping projects.



Road construction


Our Mission

Design, build and manage government and private infrastructure projects that provide high added value to all our clients, business partners, and our community with an unwavering commitment to on-time completion, with the integrity, honesty, professionalism, and highest quality required. While ensuring always we maintain satisfaction and trust of all we serve.

Engineers & Workers

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